CityKinder Classifieds

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 5.07.34 PMA joint venture with CityKinder this site serves as a marketplace for anything German in New York. The design needed to match the design of the mothership while giving it a bit more of a marketplace feel. The site is designed so that users can easily post listings, both free and paid listings and that it is inviting and easy to navigate for the site visitors, along with a built in messaging system.

German School Brooklyn

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.54.26 PMA newly established school in Brooklyn needed a site that would provide easy access to information with a design that was a reflection of the character of the school and an inviting online presence for parents interested in sending their children to the school. It was also important to find a way to present a lot of informational writing in such a way that made it accessible for website users.

Lute & Drum

A new quarterly online literary magazine, that has as it’s “front cover” an artist film. The page opens with the film and then via the logo you can access the table of contents and the writing, while the film continues to play in the background without interruption. The reader at any time can close the text box to view just the film again.

Lute & Drum

Deutscher Verein New York

The Deutscher Verein New York was founded over a century ago and its members are among New York’s German business, medical, and legal elite. To remain up-to-date with technology, the club approached me to update both the look and the functionality of its existing website. The new features include a members only area with a members directory, a messaging system and an online dues payment system, with many useful automated features to manage membership. Additionally, we added an online events registration module, that we customized to meet the specific needs of a members organization.

Oscar Peñas

An acclaimed jazz guitarist and composer and client who also became a good friend, Oscar needed two online presences. One public website with which to promote his music and  especially his newest album; and a hidden site (an ecard) for professional contacts. The public site features a promotional video, select tracks, an image gallery, a gig calendar, press, and an easy option to purchase Oscar’s albums–and it is chalk full with SEO. The E-card can be accessed only individually and is designed for promoters, venues, and the press to easily and quickly download materials from hi-res images to tracks to riders.  For both sites we decided to prominently feature images created for the new album to set the mood for the music.

Raphaele Shirley

As a multidisciplinary artist who often is showing her work on the go in the notoriously impatient art world, Raphaele needed a site that would look good on tablet and mobile and give viewers an instant visual introduction to her diverse and project-based work.  Additionally, she needed a way of presenting the many different aspects that go into a project while keeping the design clean and elegant.

Villa St. Martin

In order for potential vacationers to find and then book the stunning Villa St. Martin, its owners understood that the Villa first of all needed its own online presence. But they were entirely new to the notion of a website, I also guided the clients through the often intimidating steps from selecting a domain name through the entire online registration process, hosting, etc. I also advised them on the site’s content, SEO, and promoting the Villa on other vacation rental sites.

The design is website is intentionally very spare to match the Bauhaus style of the house and to give the villa a lot of space to present itself.

The New York Doula

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 5.12.52 PMFor this project I was in charge of transferring an existing site and design from an outdated CMS to WordPress, to allow for better SEO, a user-friendly backend, and a responsive layout. We used the transfer as an opportunity to reorganize and update the site’s content and tweak the design subtly to give the site a bit more of a cleaner look.  We also added an online shop and an event calendar.