Lute & Drum

A new quarterly online literary magazine, that has as it’s “front cover” an artist film. The page opens with the film and then via the logo you can access the table of contents and the writing, while the film continues to play in the background without interruption. The reader at any time can close the text box to view just the film again.

Lute & Drum

Oscar Peñas

An acclaimed jazz guitarist and composer and client who also became a good friend, Oscar needed two online presences. One public website with which to promote his music and  especially his newest album; and a hidden site (an ecard) for professional contacts. The public site features a promotional video, select tracks, an image gallery, a gig calendar, press, and an easy option to purchase Oscar’s albums–and it is chalk full with SEO. The E-card can be accessed only individually and is designed for promoters, venues, and the press to easily and quickly download materials from hi-res images to tracks to riders.  For both sites we decided to prominently feature images created for the new album to set the mood for the music.

Artist & Accomplice

A friend and fellow entrepreneur, Catherine wanted to start an online e-commerce business for young collectors that would feature one artist per month. The site needed to be clean, give potential buyers a quick and welcoming introduction to the selected artist’s work, give them the opportunity to browse past artists, provide an easy way of taking the conversation offline and into the studio, while also making it easy purchase the art work. Catherine wanted the site to stand apart from other e-commerce art site by focusing on a well curated group of artist  she personally admires and offering the visitor the opportunity to build a relationship to the art and the artist rather than treating the art as a commodity. It also needed to be fun.