Marek Szwarc

The Estate of Marek Szwarc, a recently re-discovered, yet during his lifetime prominent Polish artist, approached me to create an impressionistic online presence of his work. The idea was to give a visitor to the site the feeling of looking through a precious book of Szwarc’s work. Rather than trying to show all of Szwarc’s oeuvre we decided to feature a carefully curated selection of works in order tell more of a story about Szwarc’s artistic arch. The site also needed to be in English and French make it more accessible.

Villa St. Martin

In order for potential vacationers to find and then book the stunning Villa St. Martin, its owners understood that the Villa first of all needed its own online presence. But they were entirely new to the notion of a website, I also guided the clients through the often intimidating steps from selecting a domain name through the entire online registration process, hosting, etc. I also advised them on the site’s content, SEO, and promoting the Villa on other vacation rental sites.

The design is website is intentionally very spare to match the Bauhaus style of the house and to give the villa a lot of space to present itself.

The New York Doula

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 5.12.52 PMFor this project I was in charge of transferring an existing site and design from an outdated CMS to WordPress, to allow for better SEO, a user-friendly backend, and a responsive layout. We used the transfer as an opportunity to reorganize and update the site’s content and tweak the design subtly to give the site a bit more of a cleaner look.  We also added an online shop and an event calendar.